Anabolic steroids are successfully used in bodybuilding to achieve the desired results. One of the most popular is Proviron, a unique hormonal drug with moderate androgenic activity. Proviron is the most famous brand successfully used in medicine for the treatment of diseases and bodybuilding.

Effects of using Proviron

The substance can be used during a course of steroids as well as after a course of therapy. The benefits of using this medicine are as follows:

  • Weak aromatase inhibitor. The active ingredients of the composition slightly prevent the conversion of steroids to estrogen after entering the male body.
  • Increase free testosterone levels. At the same time, the drug has little effect on the synthesis of the main male hormone.
Effects of using Proviron

Features of Proviron

The drug is never used alone and in combination with other steroids. The dose of the drug depends on the individual characteristics of the athlete, first experience with anabolic agents, their level of androgenic and anabolic activity. It is most often combined with testosterone, methane, deca and sustanone.
Athletes may be prescribed during the drying period to maintain muscle stiffness. A low carb diet can have a negative effect on muscle quality, but Proviron keeps them in good condition and maintains almost all of the amount accumulated during the cycle.

At the end of the course, the medicine is used to stabilize the bodybuilder’s physical and emotional state. You must contact a medical facility for a full examination before admission. The results of urine and blood tests will allow professionals to fully assess the bodybuilder’s health and write the right prescriptions.

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How to take?

Proviron is a supplement to the major steroids. With it, you can increase your testosterone bioavailability by up to ninety percent. In addition, erectile function has improved. Thus, such drugs offer many benefits to the athlete. Thanks to the right combination with other steroids, you can help many athletes gain significant muscle mass.

This medicine helps in the middle of the cycle. At a time when the body is not progressing, the results are stagnant, the use of such a steroid helps to continue to grow.

Athletes often take Proviron after a cycle. This drug does not allow you to lose muscle mass, but strengthens it. This is one of the main values ​​of this steroid. Does not contain liquid. This is a clear advantage.

How to take?

Proviron side effects

No adverse reactions were observed with 50 to 75 mg daily. This allows you to safely use the tool on the course for several weeks.

The drug is well absorbed by the liver and does not adversely affect it. It is important to note that the medicine is safe at these doses. If you accidentally overestimate the amount of Proviron you take, the manufacturer thinks that swelling may occur. Athletes who take 2 or no more than three tablets a day may be completely relaxed, but they are not at risk.

In general, adherence to the recommended doses should be indicated separately. All steroids and excipients are essentially medicines. Therefore, it is not entirely clear why some athletes follow the instructions for use when taking simple medications, but when it comes to steroids, they start overdosing.

Anabolic medications will not adversely affect the body unless the athlete strictly adheres to all recommendations for use. Regarding the side effects of Proviron, we can highlight the following:

  • Severe sexual hyperstimulation.
  • Prolonged erection.

If these symptoms are painful, it is best to stop taking the medicine. However, no such cases have been reported so far.

But for women, as mentioned above, it is best to take Clenbuterol. However, women taking Proviron talk about its effectiveness in burning fat and increasing muscle strength. Side effects have been reported with dose maintenance.

Proviron side effects